Friday, 5 November 2010

Trombone and parachute

I am continually delighted by the random nature of connections generated by the internet. A visitor to this blog was sufficiently interested to make his own very wonderful contribution (above) - click on the image to see it large enough to read.

Hugh also says "My old school song - in Birmingham - ended with "die of service not of rust", so I'm sticking to it. I've a friend in Chile who ferried hundreds of aircraft with the ATA in WWII. She did her first parachute jump at 65. Then another at 75. Then another, at 85, from 13,000 ft. Yes we can, to borrow a phrase."

Thank you, Hugh. May we all be jumping out of aeroplanes, literally or figuratively, at the age of 85; and never be afraid to blow our own trombone.